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All of the above are examples of what your authors suggest for effective brainstorming. Describe the basic elements of the public speaking process 1. Explain how a speaker can adapt to the audience while preparing the speech and while delivering the speech.

Make sure and check the CBCSD calendar for days we have off and check class syllabus for cancelled classes. Ethical speakers do not tell "white lies" and instead are honest. How would you use a questionnaire as a method of audience analysis for a classroom speech?.

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In Kentucky, at least 34 current and former teachers are on the ballot in the general election for seats in the state legislature, 29 of them Democrats. The text makes it clear to students that avoiding plagiarism is as important in speaking as it is in writing. Careful note-taking and accurate citations are very important.

Examples, statistics, testimony What makes a good visual aid. In addition to door-to-door campaigning, Oprah has even taken her support of Abrams to the podium by going on a tour throughout Georgia to speak on Abrams behalf.

This section also explores speaking on special occasions and speaking in small groups. Explain how to use the Internet for speech research efficiently and responsibly.

Public Speaking (MIDTERM)

Plagiarism and Cheating No student shall receive, attempt to receive, knowingly give or attempt to give unauthorized assistance in the preparation of any work required to be submitted for credit as part of a course including examinations, laboratory reports, essays, themes, term papers, etc.

It is noteworthy that the book deals with the ethical issues of public speaking before instructing the students on how to go about writing and delivering a great speech.

If we cannot resolve the difficulty, contact your counselor and we will meet together to solve the problem. This syllabus is subject to change. As the speaker gathers facts, it is crucial that there is ample support for ideas. Give 5 criteria for ethical public speaking.

It encourages conversational quality in a delivery, it allows greater spontaneity than does speaking from speaking from a manuscript or memory A skilled extemporaneous speaker name all has a conversational tone, prepares and practices the speech, uses brief notes How should you practice speech delivery.

How would you formulate a specific purpose statement and a central idea in accordance with the guidelines presented in the text. Cleveland is one of six Republican state House members in Oklahoma who lost their jobs after voting against a tax hike used to fund a teacher pay raise.

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If it becomes necessary for you to drop a class, please speak with your counselor. Follow the five tips for doing research discussed in the chapter. False Communication based on a speaker's body and voice, rather than on the use of words, is called nonverbal communication What part of the speech should you prepare first.

Understand the 5 strategies for organizing supporting material. In her first campaign during the Democratic primary, the year-old Hoffman beat a former state senate minority leader, illustrating how much a surge in teacher activism centering on higher teacher pay and increased educational funding have shaken up November midterm elections around the U.

Florida, Ohio and Pennsylvania. Who you select for such a role is pivotal depending on what goals you are attempting to accomplish as a business owner, an employee, or even someone in need of governmental assistance.

All of the above should be considered. Adapt your verbal and nonverbal codes to the audience, situation and occasion. If the complete speech is written in paragraph form, it should not be read as such. Chapter 2 What are the essential steps of the speech making process.

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Cloud County Public Speaking Midterm. Click the "Start Quiz" button to proceed. Start Quiz #. Syllabus. Midterm Paper: Your analysis paper should answer these questions: • What was the goal of the speech. What was the speaker trying to accomplish? In the communication process it involves the speaker talking to a person, and that person does what?

Public Speaking Informative Words | 6 Pages. attending a community college and a four year institution. a. According to, the most up to date source on college related material, the average surcharge for full time, out-of-state students tuition at a public four year institution is $10, per year.

1. Public speaking is more planned than conversation. 2. Public speaking is more formal than conversation.


3. The nonverbal communication of public speakers is also more formal than nonverbal behavior in ordinary conversation. Top 10 Phobias. This may shock you, but people are more afraid of public speaking than death, spiders, heights, and the dark!.

Highest (and Lowest) Speaking Fees. Most politicians love the spotlight. And if they don’t, they do a fantastic job of looking cool, calm, and collected speaking in front of huge crowds.

Public speaking midterm
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