Political impact on tourism

The data were analyzed and used to reach the research objective. Another obstacle is the division of Palestine into three areas: It is not easy for Pakistanis to get an Indian visa and vice versa. Palestinian tourism sector has been characterized with an increasingly important profile because of its economic and religious significance and considerable role in Israeli-Palestinian relations; it represents Palestinian statehood and identity and wide Middle Eastern politics [8].

The Case of Bethlehem City. According to the press release of Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics PCBS [18] on the survey of hotel activities in the West Bank duringapproximately half a million guests spent 1.

Institutions should take responsibility of learning new skills and technologies to enhance human resources in the village and transfer these acquired knowledge to their economic activities.

Tourism opportunities can decrease poverty and violence by providing a ready-made economic path for Palestinians. Economic and social commission for western Asia: Tourism industry is important to the GDP of a country; this industry creates economic development, savings, investment, jobs, and foreign exchange earnings as well as alleviates problems regarding balance of costs [4].

If commercial enterprises are locally owned and well managed, then the profits they make incentivize them to remain in their village. Inrepresentatives of Egypt, Palestine, Jordan, and Israel met to initiate a joint collaboration aimed to increase the flow of foreign tourists.

Or, at least, I have not seen any studies showing which is more important. This study recommends that efforts in this area should concentrate on tourist services, parking facilities, training of tourism staff, expansion of accommodations and restaurants, and own promotional services.

The Palestinian government should also recruit the United Nations in establishing international momentum on this village and emphasizing their freedom for entrepreneurialism in tourism. As others have mentioned, Egypt and several other countries in the region are undergoing political turmoil right now.

Political factors are critical to tourism development in Palestine and thus should be kept firmly in mind by political decision makers. International Journal of Tourism Research, 8, References [1] Ritchie, B. The Politics and Power of Tourism in Palestine.

Available online at http: Israeli occupation also intervenes at Sabastiya Village, hindering the upcoming tourism plans from success.

First, the Palestinian government must take responsibility for implementing improvements in Sabastiya. The present-day village is located right next to impressive archaeological remains VisitPalestine. Tourism development in Iraq: Goeldner and Ritchie [7] discussed the elements of political instability, such as wars, conflicts, crisis, and terrorism.

Impacts of political instability on tourism planning and development: International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management, 11A total of West Bank hotels responded to the survey at the end of Brown [20] cited that political risk events affect the pricing and timing of tourism creation and diminish the motivation to invest and save in tourism.

Inflation, exchange rates, and price hike affect the numbers of package tours to destinations. Second, with inside intervention, namely, local community and other institutions at Sabastiya, many incentives can be offered for driving Palestinians to engage in tourism development and, at the same time, protect their archeological sites.

Conclusions This study concluded that Israeli occupation of Palestinian territory is the major factor that negatively influences the Palestinian tourism sector. Since the Taba Accord in Septemberthe PNA launched the takeover of parts of the Palestinian territories West Bank and Gaza Stripleading to the increased tourism investment and growth of the tourism industry in Palestinian areas, such as Jericho, Gaza, Bethlehem, and Ramallah [14].

The population is slightly over 3, and all people live under the weight of military occupation [27]. Israeli soldiers were also assassinated by political activists in Gaza. Plus, it is beautiful and has a lot to offer to the world including beautiful name necklacesgreat food and spirituality.

Nevertheless, the people possess great spirit—education is perceived important, and many community initiatives exist.

Factors Influencing Tourism Sector Several researchers have discussed the factors influencing the tourism sector, including tourist destination, tourism industry, infrastructure, and numbers of tourists or tourist flow.

The lack of structure of tourist areas affects the decision of foreign and domestic tourists to visit these areas.

How Politics Impact Tourism

They must increase their attention to this area at local, regional, and international levels. Marketing of tourism destinations during a prolonged crisis: Tourism is one of the biggest industries out there, but most tourists travel to selected countries completely blindsiding others.

Many researchers have examined the influence of political unrest on the tourism sector. Believe it or not, there is a huge connection between tourism and politics.

Tourism is one of the biggest industries out there, but most tourists travel to selected countries completely. 1 Department of Tourism and Archaeology, An Najah National University, Nablus, Palestine 2 Department of Geography and Urban Studies, Al Quds University, Jerusalem, Palestine Correspondence to: Jafar Subhi Suleiman Abahre, Department of Tourism and Archaeology, An Najah National University, Nablus.

It’s pretty clear that this political decision will have a huge impact on the UK travel industry and UK travellers. EasyJet chief, Carolyn McCall, suggested a British exit from the EU could mean a return to the days when flying was “reserved for the elite”.

Peter Long, former boss of the Tui travel group which owns Thomson and First Choice, said close cooperation with other EU states was. Political change in a country can seriously impact the prospects for the tourism industry in that country.

Radical changes in a countries politics can cause tourists to fear for their safety and. Hitherto, the relationship between politics and tourism was a relatively small sub-field of the social science of tourism, although there are many examples of how political variables can affect.

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Political impact on tourism
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