Harald grosskopf synthesist

Heavy percussions, tribal tom-toms, syncopated sequence and big grand-sounding bass line, Allegro Con Fuoco criss-crosses a furious movement of which the run is drawing with a wild piano which zigzags desperately in permutation with a heavy hatched line.

Harald Grosskopf - Synthesist Reloaded (2018)

I more than once had to start from scratch, because the first sequence at the end had a different scale that in the beginning. My father was a Wehrmacht soldier and Nazi party member. I was living in a commune near Hannover.

He collaborated also with some stars of Jazz music such as Roberta Gambarini and Nnenna Freelon with whom he recorded an album nominated for a Grammy Award.

I went to kindergarden and school with Rudolf Schenker, head of "The Scorpions". That's the only Cosmic Courier title I like. He helped me to set up and than left me alone with millions of problems.

The human response undeniably colors the eight songs of Synthesist and aligns the album with some of the more melodic output of the Berlin School of Electronic Music.

Still, the task was at hand and what immediately settled upon me while recollecting the recording process in West Germany was my intense interaction with the electronic music equipment.

While we believe to have heard everything, Andante Mosso is adding more with its spectral intro, where anvil percussions woo cymbals and where a slow hawing synth layer gets sort out and spits a rhythm of Irish parties. But we were informed: Harald Grosskopf - April I made a documentary film about my father and the father of Hollywood director Philippe Mora, who has German, French and Jewish roots http: They where looking for a drummer, but the dude did not show up.

It will not be the mass product that it once was. For the most part these versions are reverent, which gives the record a nice flow for a disc from various artists set. In the liner notes to the set, Grosskopf writes of how maintaining the Minimoog in the apartment was a nightmare, and that the pitch would go flat or sharp depending on warm and cold it was in the space.

Apart from my own creations during recording I rarely listen to music. I never liked that process. You appeared on their second LP titled "Galactic Supermarket".

Although Synthesist has been unavailable on vinyl for almost three decades, it doesn't fetch unfathomable collector fees. Germany media ignored it completely and spread negative opinions. Gianluca Lusi worked with several famous artists: Mellotron pads float and cross notes of guitar trapped in this heavy sound whirlwind.

Would you like to tell us what are some of the strongest memories from recording and producing "Tarot" LP. He was the musician who inspired me to record a solo album and who had invited me to record it in his flat with his equipment.

The paint was very itchy and I was happy to be able to take a shower after five hours of shootings. The price You pay for taking drugs can be high. What would you say influenced you back then when you started making your own solo album.

A secret reference that drugs were involved. Perhaps if you can explain the concept behind the album. The title track, with its "Popcorn" bass sequence and overlapping melodies, overwhelms with its simple beauty and naive charm. He invited me to visit him in his house in northern Germany.

Harald Grosskopf is best known as drummer in the band Ashra and for Klaus Schulze ("Moondawn") and as an electronic musician.


Following "Synthesist". Harald Grosskopf album bestography «Higher ranked This album (8,th) Lower ranked» - Synthesist - Members who like this album also like: Evening Star by Fripp & Eno, Neu!

'75 by Neu! and Meat Puppets II by Meat Puppets. „Synthesist” is the first solo album by ASHRA drummer Harald Grosskopf. It is one of the classics of German electronic music, comprising eight instrumentals composed in the tradition of the so-called Berlin School (Klaus Schulze, Tangerine Dream).

Ashra drummer’s second solo LP resurrected on wax. A remastered version of Harald Grosskopf’s album Oceanheart will be released on the Bureau B label this summer. After the commercial.

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Harald Grosskopf

Carsten Pieper Pure nostalgia, this one. When I startet "seriously" listening music, "Schwingungen", a WDR radio programme dealing with electronic music, moderated by the great Winfrid Trenkler, was my favourite radio show.

Harald grosskopf synthesist
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